Poor speculation


It’s interesting that Gerard D. Frey, a gentleman I’ve never met, chose to single me out and incorrectly and irresponsibly speculate on my motivation in supporting the Remsenburg/Speonk Elementary School’s proposed school expansion. In his letter to the editor in the November 20th Western Edition of The Southampton Press, titled “Be Careful,” Mr. Frey suggested that I would save $6,000 to $8,000 per year while my youngest two children attend pre-K at taxpayer expense if the bond issue goes through.

What Mr. Frey failed to mention is that my wife and I have already spent over $25,000 to educate our three oldest daughters in private preschool and pre-K programs. This year, although the Remsenburg/Speonk Elementary School held a lottery to gain entry into its current, federally funded pre-K program, my wife and I chose not to enter the lottery. Instead, we chose to send our 4-year-old daughter to a private pre-K program. Additionally, at this point, my wife and I have not decided where we will send our youngest daughter to pre-school or pre-K once she becomes eligible. Thus far, we have been quite pleased with our private school selections.

However, it is my understanding that if the bond issue goes through, the expanded school would not open until September 2011, the year my youngest daughter will enter kindergarten. So, it appears that there’s no need for Mr. Frey to worry that my two youngest daughters’ preschool and pre-K expenses will burden his or anyone else’s school taxes.

In closing, I urge all Remsenburg/Speonk residents to vote yes on December 12 for the proposed building expansion of the Remsenburg/Speonk Elementary School. By voting yes you will be advocating for all the children of our community. Thank you.


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