Montauk Highway paving most likely completed by Friday


Rough Patch for Pavers

The State Department of Transportation did not meet its own projection that roadwork on Montauk Highway in Shinnecock Hills would be complete before Thanksgiving. Now it expects the paving project will be completed by Friday.

A three-mile stretch of the highway between Knoll Road and Tuckahoe Lane was stripped of its top layer of asphalt in early November in preparation for resurfacing before the holiday, but paving was put off due to the cold weather. It was delayed again Monday because local asphalt plants were not operating due to a forecast for rain, said Department of Transportation spokeswoman Eileen Peters.

Work resumed Tuesday, causing traffic delays as the lanes were redirected by workers and traffic cones.

“At this point, I know our construction engineer is cautiously optimistic that this will be completed this week,” Ms. Peters said. Workers will paint lane markings on the newly paved road next week, she added.

Ms. Peters pointed out that the Thanksgiving deadline was based on the weather, “the all-important condition for roadway paving projects.” It was too cold to put down asphalt, she said. “Mother Nature threw us a curveball.”

The spokeswoman said the contractor, Intercounty Paving of New Jersey, has proven to be reliable and finished on time in the two other locations included in the paving contract.

In the meantime, the road is rough but safe to drive on, Ms. Peters said, advising motorists to obey construction signs, particularly speed limit signs. The speed limit will be reduced by 10 miles per hour during the work, she said.

Brendan O’Reilly

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