East Hampton skating rink to re-open soon


Its legal battle with East Hampton Town settled, the Buckskill Winter Club is springing back to life.

After a two-year lapse, crews began assembling an ice skating rink on top of the tennis courts of the Buckskill Tennis Club this week and owner Douglas DeGroot says he expects to have the rink open and ready for ice skating on December 20.

It will be the first time the hugely popular skating rink has been open since the winter of 2006-2007.

The rink first opened in early 2005. Mr. DeGroot was prevented from erecting the rink last winter by the town building department and Zoning Board of Appeals, which ruled that the rink’s facilities—including dasher boards surrounding the skating surface, a generator and refrigeration system and a shed for a Zamboni machine—went beyond the limits of what had been proposed initially and refused to issue a certificate of occupancy. The ruling agreed with the finding of Building Inspector Don Sharkey.

The DeGroots sued and a state Supreme Court judge ruled last month that the town must issue the certificate of occupancy because the additional structures and equipment must be considered reasonable accessories to an ice skating rink as allowed by town law.

“We’re excited to be opening again,” Mr. DeGroot said on Monday. “We look forward to having the community back at the Buckskill Winter Club again.”

The rink will host ice-skating lessons, open skating and hockey games.

michael Wright

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