It is with great interest that I have been following Assemblyman Fred Thiele’s [“A scam,” December 10 ] effort to reduce retail gasoline prices on the East End. He has been at it for several years but so far without any success at all. Apparently, the zone pricing complaints have had no effect whatsoever. I have made several phone calls to Mr. Thiele’s office but unfortunately he is either too busy or too uninterested to speak with a constituent.

I did suggest in an e-mail to him that I am proposing an organized boycott of the three Hess stations here. In my opinion, the surest way to reduce the pricing inequities is to reduce the demand. Perhaps even a well placed phone call from Mr. Thiele to Hess Oil executives might bring about the desired results. I suggested to Mr. Thiele in e-mails that I’d be willing to help organize a boycott. The written response I received from him is that “The AG needs to enforce the law. The oil companies are illegally price fixing. I’ve contacted every oil company already. They have no interest in changing the status quo and will fight the law. We’ve created legal remedies. The AG should enforce them.”

Why is it taking so long to enforce the law, Mr. Thiele? Why, may I ask, if the oil companies have no interest in changing the status quo, can’t you head up a boycott campaign? I, for one, am fed up with too much rhetoric and no results. By the way, have you noticed that most of the stations are selling fuel at the same price? Sure sounds like collusion to me. Does it to you?


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