For sale: One Senate seat to replace Barack Obama who has recently been elected president of the United States of America. This seat will go to the highest bidder. Send all replies to the governor of Illinois.

Now, if this governor is doing this, think of what the governor of Alaska is doing to you, the American taxpayer. I would consider not paying taxes until I got a full report on the shenanigans that go on in governors’ offices and, for that matter, presidents and dogcatchers have to send me a report on reported expenses for each calendar year.

In the case of George Bush, I might consider a weekly report. For Spitzer, a monthly report would have done. But we have to get ourselves under some fiscal restraint. It’s a runaway. The dollars you have today may be worth one penny for each dollar if we let the gangs go. Running free to larceny and better. And printing billions per day, which in a year or two will be millions or less.

So the governor of Illinois will sway in the wind for a couple of years and he might give night sweats to President-elect Obama and a few others. I have always said Clinton was our smartest president. He hid everything under a terrific smile. And when that did not work, he defended his action by asking what is the definition of it.

I wish you all a happy holiday and still believe Bush and Co. should resign right up to the point where his presidency is ended. All the best.


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