Big mistake


I write this on the eve of the Community Preservation Fund hearing at Town Hall. Every time I read about the CPF lately, I am more and more disturbed. Land is acquired with millions of dollars of the community’s money for personal property. This is outrageous. Especially when it does not trickle down to the “lesser” neighborhoods, if you will. For instance, we, who reside in the lovely woods of East Hampton, are not concerned with vistas and undesirable neighbors. We are concerned with contaminated drinking water as a result of over clearing and putting a housing development where it does not belong. And to boot, a commercial waste treatment plant a developer wants to put on top of the Oak View Wells and aquifer. It reeks of a villainous plot right out of the movies.

How can anyone in their right mind be behind this idea? The facts are there. We deftly laid them out in black and white and eloquently spoke of the damage that would be done to not only a neighborhood, but an entire town’s drinking water. The Oak View Wells provide the water we drink all the way to Montauk. Is this something to be taken lightly?

The decimation this builder has planned for these woods on his 8.9-acre parcel on the corner of Oak View and Middle highways is diabolical. I do not exaggerate. The over-clearing he has planned is an understatement. Cementing the forest is what he will do if he is not stopped.

Oh, but I was told, “It it his right to do what he wants with his own land.” This is exactly what some employee told me at the Planning Department, quite rudely I might add. What does she care? And by the way, guess what? He doesn’t have the right to do diddly if it infringes on the community or in this case interferes and subsequently contaminates the town’s water.

For too long, people did whatever they wanted. They dumped their toxic chemicals into the water and ground. Kids got sick as a result. Remember the Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer cluster at the high school? Sometimes the good old boys are not really good old boys after all. They just dress differently than the crooks in Brooks Brothers.

I look out my window right now and see how the once full forest next to me has been raped beyond repair. And the guy just keeps going. He won’t be happy until every tree is gone. Is this a person who gives a damn about the community? But “that’s his land, he can do what he wants.”

Most members of the Planning Board were dead against this Webb debacle after reading his second plan and finding it lacking in explanation and information. They realized what an environmental community nightmare would take place should his plan ever see the light of day. But alas, the good members could not throw it in the bin and decide to purchase the land and preserve it and save the water supply. That decision falls on the backs of the Town Board. We are counting on them to use their wise heads and do what is right for the community, not what is lucrative for one developer.

That brings us back to the CPF. Why hasn’t the Town Board decided to approach Webb with an offer through the CPF? Why the delay? That is what the fund is for. We are interested in stopping a housing development that has no business being built in a Special Groundwater Protection Area.

NANCI E. LAGARENNE Freetown Neighborhood Advisory CommitteeIt was disclosed at Friday’s Town Board meeting that an appraisal has been sought by the town for the Webb parcel and that, depending on the value it sets and the price Mr. Webb will accept, it may be considered for acquisition under the Community Preservation Fund—Ed.

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