After reading your story about criticism of planned budget cuts at the town animal shelter [“Shelter Cuts Under Fire,” December 18], and the veterinarians’ eloquent protests in your letters column [“Crucial role,” Letters, December 18], I strongly hope the Town Board will rescind its decision to cut out the jobs of veterinary technician, kennel attendant and animal behavior specialist.

This is the only open-admission shelter serving the South Fork. Because no animal is turned away, the town has a powerful moral obligation to provide optimum care for the community’s homeless dogs and cats brought to the facility. Priority should always be given to hands-on work with the animals, especially medical services. Eliminating the position of a full-time vet tech, who apparently does a first-rate job, sounds like a classic example of penny wise, pound foolish.

Though I’m not a Southampton Town resident, I have visited the shelter and met its supervisor, Donald Bambrick, a dedicated professional of long experience. Thus, instead of firing valuable employees who work directly to improve the animals’ well-being (and make them more adoptable), it would seem more sensible to peel off a layer of bureaucracy and drop the job of assistant supervisor. This one cut should save taxpayers at least as much as the salaries of all the personnel now slated for the ax.


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