Pay cuts


I am writing in regard to the article “Critics Howling Over Animal Shelter Cuts,” in the December 18 edition.

Although I haven’t used the shelter’s services, I have heard nothing but praise for Wendy Altieri’s work there, as evidenced by the letter of veterinarian Dr. Claude Grosjean (also signed by nine of his peers) appearing in the same issue.

I have a better idea for the Town Board to save this position. Instead of firing Ms. Altieri, why don’t they reduce the salaries of the assistant shelter supervisor and Councilwoman Anna Throne-Holst to make up for the salary of Ms. Altieri?

This proposal could be modeled after the spending cuts to be made to the budget in New Castle County, Delaware, where its county executive, police chief and several other county leaders’ salaries are being reduced; likewise, the current bailout of the auto companies by President George Bush is notable for its requirement of reduced United Auto Workers salaries by the end of 2009.

Perhaps our Town Board should think about better ways to retain its professional and qualified employees rather than firing them.


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