Spreading the joy


I’d like to thank Brendan O’Reilly for his story about William Taylor-Reddick and the Kid-too-Kid foundation that this 10-year-old has started [“10-Year-Old’s Charity Seeks To Foster Kids’ Imaginations,” December 18]. Mr. O’Reilly’s story gave recognition to a youngster who embodies the true spirit of the holidays. By collecting gifts to give to foster children, William has put the hopes and needs of others before his own.

I’d like to thank those who have supported the Southampton Intermediate School Gift Drive, which resulted from William’s efforts. Staff, students and parents not only have given generously in terms of gifts but also with their support and enthusiasm. In doing so, they have helped to show a fifth-grader and his classmates that they are never too young to make a difference and, in this case, to spread some holiday joy.

DAVE RILEYStudent Council Advisor Southampton Intermediate School

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