True dedication


Anyone who knows a local firefighter realizes the dedication he or she gives to our community. Firefighters offer their lives, their time, and their hearts to anyone in need. Firefighters work in the sweltering heat of summer and in the freezing cold nights during the winter. They help where help is needed.

On a Saturday night in December, the First Presbyterian Church held a “Live Nativity” on the lawn of the church after dark. To provide lighting for our community event, we needed a fire truck from Southampton Fire Department. This may seem to be a very insignificant event; however, without the fire truck, we would not have proper lighting and the show, which is enjoyed by many community members, would not be seen. With the generosity of Southampton Fire Department, Kevin Croke and Matt Shimkus, we were able to present a beautiful reenactment of the first Nativity.

For Kevin and Matt, it is over and above their jobs as firefighters. They spent many hours in the cold to offer our community a spectacular presentation of the first Nativity. Without their help, we could not have offered our community a night of beauty, as we watched our youth reenact Christ’s birth.

We would like to thank Kevin Croke and Matt Shimkus for giving their time to helping us on a very cold night. And to Southampton Fire Department, for always being there in time of need, we are proud of all you do.

RICHARD KINGFirst Presbyterian Church Youth ProgramSouthampton

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