Cavett preservation deal in Montauk closes


East Hampton Town, Suffolk County and New York State completed a joint $18 million purchase of 77 acres of land in Montauk from television host Dick Cavett last week.

The deal was closed on Wednesday, with each municipality paying some $6 million, plus closing costs.

The Cavett property is primarily comprised of undeveloped moorlands, adjacent to the 122-acre parcel known as Amsterdam Beach, which the town, county and state purchased in 2005 for $16.5 million. The Cavett purchase will link nearly 200 contiguous acres of preserve running along the bluffs on the oceanfront. The three municipalities were also partners in the 2000 purchase of Shadmoor, a 100-acre parcel a mile to the west of the Cavett property, for $17.7 million.

Like the Amsterdam Beach property, the Cavett property most likely would be left largely undeveloped with only some narrow hiking trails running through it between Montauk Highway and the seaside bluffs, according to town Land Acquisitions manager Scott Wilson. He said there are no plans for a parking area like the one constructed at Shadmoor.

Shadmoor and Amsterdam Beach are part of the New York State park system.

michael wright

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