Do it right


This letter is for all the public officials and respective employees whom we trust to clear our streets safely in times of significant snowfall, and to the private contractors and individuals who also gain employ and payment by the same means.

It is not bad enough that our local municipalities do a shameful job of keeping the walkways clear for pedestrians, and it also seems the snowplow operators push the snow so hard that any clear walkway would be covered with one swift pass of a street plow (as would be the pedestrians on that walkway). Private contractors compound the situation by doing their job and in the process blockading public sidewalks that border private parking lots and driveways.

It becomes hard enough to get around in the snow and ice without having access to public walks and pathways plowed over by giant mounds of snow hastily and lazily pushed aside to become someone else’s problem. That precept is obviously so wrong it is tantamount to picking up garbage off your street only to dump it in your neighbor’s lawn, and then saying, “I’m cleaning up this town.”

Let’s face it—it is about common courtesy and common sense. 
Words come to mind such as responsibility, accountability, culpability. It is just a horror that people must be prompted into doing the right thing instead of doing the right thing promptly. It is no wonder the Big Three in Detroit are failing; with attitudes like those of whom we trust to do the right thing when the snow flies, it all becomes clear.


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