Having a ball


In response to Bob Murray’s letter to the editor [“Not our ball,” December 25], I feel that I must point out that it is simply not accurate. Westhampton Area Merchants (WHAM) not only conceived the Snowball but also produced it for the first six years.

Although the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce is no longer sponsoring the event, chamber members, including board members, are still involved and supporting the event. I do not believe that Bob’s voice speaks for all of the chamber members, nor the board in entirety.

I do, however, find it astounding and disappointing that Bob would choose not to endorse or support an event that directly raises money and benefits not only a charitable cause but a current, not-for-profit member of the chamber, HUGS, as well as other chamber members and the local business district as a whole.

To denounce the Snowball seems to be in direct opposition of all the chamber stands for. These two civic organizations—WHAM and the chamber—should not only be able to coexist, but should be able to enhance one another all for the good of the community.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Snowball.

ERIN B. FINLEYWesthampton BeachMs. Finley is the owner of Sydney’s “Taylor Made” Cuisine in Westhampton Beach—Ed.

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