Safety check


Reflectors embedded in the center lines of Montauk Highway on curves are really essential. There are foggy and rainy nights when those of us seniors, as well as younger people, literally cannot see what the road is doing. Sometimes I have to follow the brighter solid line on the right edge of my lane, and, of course, those (stupidly) sudden curves in them, with no change of line or color that indicate a side street.

We deserve better markings. It is obvious the town realizes embedded reflectors are much better or they wouldn’t have had the good sense to put them in on the huge curve just west of the hamlet of Water Mill, where construction has been dragging on.

They are badly needed to define which of the many lanes are the center two (in each direction) on the huge curve of North Sea Road. Again, in bad weather, that area is very confusing even to those of us who have lived a good while out here.

Could the Town Board please get to work with the highway department in putting in reflectors at these most needed area? We have budget problems, but this is basic safety. No, my eyes aren’t the problem—they are good for driving and regularly checked. It is your old and erratic paint lines, plus our harsh weather.

Do we have to put up with excuses or avoidance, or can our safety be taken care of in this basic way as soon as possible?


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