Is anyone listening?


It was with much disbelief and disappointment that the resolution to abolish the vet tech position as of January 1, 2009, at the Southampton Animal Shelter and Adoption Center was not reviewed and rescinded at the board meeting held Friday, December 19, 2008. This is the last meeting to be held in 2008. Therefore, the position was abolished.

What does it take to prove to the five elected board members that the resolution was not in the best interest of the welfare and well-being of the animals and the people who adopt them? Many meetings were held between board members and the shelter’s advisory committee, staff and volunteers—but to no avail. Many calls were made, letters sent, petitions signed by hundreds of people, all in favor of keeping the vet tech position at the shelter. Much factual information was presented to the board proving that cutting the vet tech position was potentially an unsafe, unhealthy, and costly mistake. Many suggestions were made to increase revenue at the shelter without abolishing this much-needed position. A proposal was also made to privately pay to keep the vet tech position, but town officials said they would advise the Town Board against accepting this offer.

Some Town Council members also admitted that the resolution was hasty and they were surprised that the tech position was cut instead of other positions. Then why did the Town Board members not act to preserve this position? The public outcry was loud and clear: Keep the vet tech at the shelter. All fell on deaf ears.

Isn’t the board supposed to represent us? Whose behind this disaster in the making? As of yet, no new plan has been implemented giving the animals the vet care they need. What will happen to these poor creatures awaiting good care and new homes?

Shame on the Town Board members and officials.

SUSAN KINSCHERFEast QuogueMs. Kinscherf is a volunteer at the town animal shelter—Ed.

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