No one cares


I just cannot remain silent on this one. And thank you to the letter writer who alerted us to the problem on Elm Street and to you for printing her message [“Out of place,” Letters, December 25].

I have long deplored of the so called “moneyed folks” invasion of the blue-collar workers home territory in Southampton Village. When I lived in the village, I heard it said that the newcomers would never buy north of John Street on Elm Street. Well, I could stand that because the houses south of John Street and Post Crossing were built by the “moneyed folks” who were natives of Southampton.

Up where I lived, at 179 Elm, any thinking person could tell by the smaller lots that it was working folk who lived in that area. OK, I admit Mr. Greene’s lot was bigger than ours, but that’s no excuse to put something on it so out of character with the surrounding houses.

So once again the Board of Architecture Review and Historic Preservation is giving in to people with money who only want to build and turn it over. Apparently they’re not turning over so quickly anymore. I think John Bennett was very rude to give Sally Spanburgh the answer he did at the meeting. I agree with her on the impact the village will suffer. Like the Ferrara case, no one cares anymore.

I feel I have a right to say something since members of my family have lived there since 1640. I know the history of the place in my bones and am so sorry that none of the movers and shakers of today in Southampton care what will happen when they chase out all the workers. Then you’ll really have a mess up on North Highway. And your taxes will rise so y’all can pay for the professional fire department and all the other workers who have to charge extra for the gas to get out to the job from their homes up west.

JOAN RAYNORSummerfield, Florida

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