Christmas angel


It seems most news that we all read delves into the dark side of human nature. Greed, lying, and focus on the self drives our society. I thought I would provide a story that tells what I think is the real side of humanity.

On a windy, cold, dark night, while doing the last of my Christmas shopping, I dropped my wallet in a parking lot. I had been so busy I hadn’t gotten to the bank, and my signed paycheck was there along with Christmas present money and all of my plastic.

I did not know I had dropped the wallet until the next day, when I could not find it before work. I assumed it was somewhere around, but I had a sinking feeling that something had happened in that dark parking lot. My left side is very “distant” since I had a stroke eight years ago—I don’t know how else to describe it, but “distant” works. By 9 a.m., I felt that I’d better really go home and find the wallet.

Then the phone rang and a sweet slightly accented voice asked, “Are you Kristina Lewis? I have your wallet.”

Many questions went through my mind. How did she find me? That paycheck—would I get it back? Well, she did call, and I’d better go and get it.

My Christmas angel lives in Islip, and after a long drive and getting lost, I drove up to a neat house and was greeted by a lovely woman, who had a pot of tea made for me after my long drive. On the way, I thought maybe it is a trap, and will they hold me captive? Amazing where your brain will take you!

I offered Dorota the $100 that was in the wallet, and she refused, saying it was her Christmas present to me. I left her house, but not before I booked a massage … that’s what she does for a living. Perhaps you would like a massage from a Christmas angel?


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