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John Marshall Elementary School

Following a successful holiday sale in December, the PTA’s Book Fair started Tuesday, January 20 and continues through Friday, January 23. The Book Fair is provided by Scholastic, benefits our PTA and the students, and is a perfect opportunity to promote reading.

Bedtime Stories Night will be held in March. Stay tuned for details. And please don’t forget we are always collecting box tops. They can be left in the PTA mailbox in the main office.

Fourth Grade Bowling Night is Friday, January 23 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Parents who signed up should meet at the bowling alley at 6 p.m. and stay throughout the event. Please do not drop off your children and leave them unattended. Pizza and beverages will be served for the kids.

The Yearbook Committee has sent out fliers and memos requesting photos and other information to complete this year’s book. We are at a standstill as to whether the fourth grade will be graduating. It all depends on the progress of the new fifth grade wing at JMMES. We hope to know in February. In the meantime, your cooperation in submitting the requested information and photos will determine the successful content of this year’s book.

Our monthly meeting for February will be held on Tuesday, February 3 at 9 a.m. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Victor Grazina, a local orthodontist. Dr. Grazina will discuss orthodontics and answer any questions you may have.

It’s never too late to join the PTA and membership has its rewards. Thanks to our newest local supporter, Pepperoni’s Pizza, PTA members can get 10 percent off orders during the school year. Thanks also to all the other local businesses that put their hearts into our PTA including Goldberg’s Famous Bagels, Fierro’s Pizza, Satori in Sag Harbor, Pumpernickel’s Deli and Luigis. PTA membership is only $6 per parent/guardian and supports our PTA, regardless of whether you are available to dedicate any time to events or meetings or not. If you are interested in becoming a PTA member, please send in a note for a membership form and we will send it home.

Ross School

Ross School celebrated the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States this week. There were special screenings of the inauguration ceremony on both campuses and a luncheon was planned for Thursday, January 22.

On the Upper School campus, Ross High School students watched the swearing-in and the inaugural speech live in the High School building. The Middle School will view a tape of the inauguration on Thursday, January 22 in the Movement Room of the Center For Well-Being.

On the Lower School Campus, the theme was “Inauguration 2009: A Rebirth of Freedom.” It was borrowed from the official 2009 Inaugural theme, “A New Birth of Freedom,” which commemorates the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. In Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, he uttered, “This nation shall have a new birth of freedom.” This phrase became the cornerstone of this year’s inaugural theme.

The Lower School students watched the inauguration live in the Multipurpose Room. The Parents Association also asked each student to create a star with his or her wishes for freedom; they will be hung on the Tree of Gratitude on Friday, January 23, during a hot lunch, also organized by the PA.

“This election (and the intensity with which young people followed and participated in it) makes it an event that has historic import. Just as I remember watching an Apollo landing, I think all the students will remember this day,” said High School Director Mark Frankel.

While this was the first time the school watched the inauguration live, the goal is to turn it into tradition.

Stella Maris School

This week in kindergarten, the students studied symmetry by creating their own symmetrical structures out of blocks, pattern blocks, geo-boards, and thistle blocks. They discovered what magnets attract by exploring various objects such as feathers, nails, corks, scissors and paper clips. The children are becoming experts at teaching their peers how to do things such as riding bikes and cooking their favorite recipes.

Stella Maris fourth-graders are putting their writing skills to good use with their new “pen pals.” The class has teamed up with many senior citizens from the Bridgehampton Nutrition Center, and are now answering the first round of letters from their new friends. This week, they are also preparing for their presentations for Catholic Schools Week. The theme for the week is “Service” and the classroom theme is “Service to the Country.”

Catholic Schools Week runs from January 26 to January 30 and the whole school is gearing up in anticipation of the week celebrating “Service.” The sixth-graders are busy creating murals of service professionals and are working on author biographies and Martin Luther King Jr. essays.

Also on the agenda for the middle school science students is a study of earthquakes, the solar system and maps.

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