Bridgehampton gas station robbed at gunpoint


A gas station attendant at the Citgo on Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night, January 27, according to Southampton Town Police, reportedly by two men who made off with the contents of the cash register and the attendant’s own pay for the week. The suspects are still on the loose.

Town Police said two men, one armed with a handgun, confronted the attendant and demanded cash at around 9:10 p.m. on Tuesday, January 27. The attendant said the men fled on foot after he turned over the contents of the cash register and his own money.

The attendant, James Stilley of Southampton, said on Friday that he had started closing up the gas station at around 8:30 p.m. on the day of the robbery and had already put most of the money the gas station collected that day in a safe by the time the men confronted him.

He had just locked up the bathrooms and was doing paperwork, he said. “That’s when I turned around to shut the lights, and they approached me from behind and put the gun in my face.”

Mr. Stilley, who is originally from Manhattan, said he has been working at the Citgo station as an attendant and car detailer for about nine years. In those nine years, nothing like this has ever happened to him, he said, though he noted that two weeks earlier a cash register was stolen from the gas station overnight.

“I got out of Harlem, came all the way out to the Hamptons, to get robbed at gunpoint,” Mr. Stilley said. “Isn’t that ironic?”

The gun was silver with a black handle, he said. The man holding the gun was light-skinned and about 5 feet 6 inches or 5 feet 7 inches tall, and the second man was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and dark-skinned, Mr. Stilley said.

Both were wearing sneakers, jeans, hoods, and red bandanas covering their face, he added. “They told me, ‘Don’t look at me.’” They also backed him into a corner of the office and demanded to know where they money was, he said.

Mr. Stilley said he directed them to the cash register, but there was only $70 inside. “This ain’t no money,” he recalled one of the men telling him. “Give me your money.”

“They got my whole paycheck,” Mr. Stilley said. “I gave them the money. They left.”

The men ran away on Snake Hollow Road toward Dapper Dog, he said. He then ran outside, called the police, and got in his own car, which was already running when the robbery occurred, and drove around to look for the men, he said.

Mr. Stilley was unable to catch up with them. “It’s obvious that they has a car parked around the corner,” he said.

Police officers searched the area, with assistance from the Suffolk County Police K-9 squad, but did not locate the suspects.

A nearby resident, who asked not to be identified, said she saw at least seven police vehicles in her neighborhood that night shining spotlights in yards and driveways. She said she called the police to find out what was going on and was told police were looking for someone on foot and she should lock her doors. Later, she found out the suspects had robbed the gas station with a gun, she said. Police officers were also at the Bridgehampton railroad station and Mickey B’s deli, she said.

Police, who did not release a description of the suspects or handgun, said further information is being withheld because the investigation is ongoing.

Police are asking anyone with information about the robbery to call the detectives at (631) 728-5000 or the tips hotline at (631) 728-3454. Tips may also be e-mailed to All information will be kept strictly confidential.

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