New plan for proposed organic farm in Bridgehampton


The property owners who are proposing an organic farm in Bridgehampton have submitted a more consolidated plan in response to concerns from neighbors and members of the Southampton Town Planning Board.

Representatives of a limited liability corporation known as FD HFZ LLC, which owns an agricultural reserve on Ocean Road in Bridgehampton, discussed the plan with Planning Board members at their meeting on Thursday, January 29. The new plan calls for eliminating the 814-square-foot mechanical building originally proposed. It also combines the proposed loading area and parking area.

After some discussion with the Planning Board, developer Rocco Lettieri and his consultant, Kyle Collins of KPC Planning, both of Westhampton Beach, also agreed to further consolidate the proposed solar panels.

The plan still includes a 3,000-square-foot barn, a 2,268-square-foot greenhouse, and a 188-square-foot windmill on the 13-acre agricultural reserve. It will be operated as an organic farm and includes an orchard, solar panels designed to look like reflecting pools, circular rings of flower beds and fields of sawgrass.

At a meeting of the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee last Monday, members discussed the revised plan with cautious optimism. In an e-mail written to the Town Planner reviewing the project, Clare Vail, Fred Cammann, president of the CAC, said that the majority of members were pleased with the revisions, though “we remain dubious about the economic prospects of this farming venture … Should the farm be successful, God bless the owner and the contractor. If there are difficulties in the future, obviously we will be very concerned about any unnecessary physical remnants that remain because of an unsuccessful business.”


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