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The Eastport South Manor School District has released the results from the 2007-08 Math and English Language Arts (ELA) assessment exams, which show an overall improvement in student performance and comprehension. State examinations are conducted every year for students in grades three through eight. Exams are graded on a system of 1 to 4, with a score of 3 indicating proficiency in a subject, and a score of 4 representing the exceeding of state standards.

At the elementary school level, 98 percent of the district’s third-graders, 92 percent of fourth-graders, 95 percent of fifth-graders, and 89 percent of sixth-graders achieved proficiency on this year’s math tests. The ELA exam results revealed that 89 percent of third-graders, 84 percent of fourth-graders, 88 percent of fifth-graders, and 83 percent of sixth-graders also achieved proficiency levels.

At the junior high level, 88 percent of seventh-graders met the math standard, an improvement of 15 percent since 2006. Also, 73 percent of eighth-graders met math proficiency levels, an increase of 20 percent since 2004. Additionally, 93 percent of the district’s seventh-graders achieved proficiency on the ELA exam, an increase of 27 percent since 2006, and 85 percent of eighth-graders met the same standard, an increase of 26 percent over the last four years.

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