TV and film camp for pre-teens in Southampton


The Southampton Cultural Center will partner with Emmy-nominated television writer, director and producer Isabella Rupp to offer a TV and Film Summer Camp for pre-teens and teenagers this summer.

Ms. Rupp, who has worked in network, syndicated and cable television for more than 20 years, will present a series of production workshops during four four-week sessions held throughout July and August. The camp sessions will consist of four half-days, on either Saturdays or Sundays, starting July 5.

At the camp, students will write, produce, direct, film and appear on camera in their own one-of-a-kind “webisodes.” During the sessions, students will execute their concepts, rotate cast and crew positions and work in groups in order to achieve their vision. Once camp is wrapped, Ms. Rupp will direct the post-production process and oversee screening, logging, digitizing and editing of each webisode and at the end of each session, all students will receive a DVD of their creations.

An additional editing class will be offered in August for former and current students. Permission from the instructor will be required to enroll in that class.

Space is limited space to assure individualized attention. For more information, contact Rupp Productions at (631) 287-8735.

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