McKay Jasper Joseph Palermo


Witnessing the birth of your grandchild can be a transformative experience. Just ask new grandma Elaine McKay, who flew out to Houston to be with her daughter Jennifer and son-in law Scott Palermo for the big event. Elaine, our Noyac neighbor and a professional photographer, served as “grandmother midwife” in the birthing room. Also helping were an attending nurse, and her daughter’s good friend, plus the new father who caught his son upon arrival. The baby’s full name is McKay Jasper Joseph Palermo, although the family will call him Jasper.

Jasper was born on October 21 weighing seven pounds and nine ounces, and measured just a bit under 20 inches. Once she saw the baby’s head emerging, Elaine was overwhelmed by the miracle of birth.

“Why are there still wars?” she wondered.

Jasper’s paternal grandma, Evelyn Palermo, lives in Ocala, Florida. His maternal grandfather, Ken McKay, lives in Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Elaine and husband Warren Padula are over themoon about little Jasper.

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