Transaction Highlights, August 9


15 Fresh Pond Road
Village of North Haven $1,975,000

This simple and attractively designed home consists of two barn-shaped volumes joined together to form an “L.”

An L-shaped or larger “U”-shaped house is a practical design that works for many architectural styles. The courtyard formed between the wings of such homes is often finished for outdoor living, as in this case, where a large patio connects both parts of this home.

This house was built in 1970 and is modestly sized by today’s standards, at around 2,500 square feet with three bedrooms and 2½ baths. All the interior and exterior details are clean and simple, with a vague nod to Japanese or perhaps Scandinavian design.

One side of the home, which consists of the main living spaces, is a large open-plan great room with dining, living and kitchen spaces exposed to one another. This side of the house is one story but with expansive cathedral ceilings.

The kitchen is quite small, just a galley hidden behind an island, with open shelves instead of cabinets. This type of living space, where everything is open and on display—from the location of the coffee mugs to the table settings—can be lovely but it requires great discipline to keep such a space neat, tidy and uncluttered.

The second side of the home is two stories, with bedrooms and a loft-like great room upstairs, providing a second living space. All the interior finishes are extremely simple and unadorned with minimal trim, cabinets, or moldings, which is a style that has come back into vogue lately.

Outside, the emphasis on clean and simple lines continues, with an open-lawn area and a rectangular gunite pool set in its center. The lot is 1.2 acres and is oriented across the road—to the marshland and open bay, which can be seen through the trees.

Overall this is an attractive property and reminiscent of the many simple and (formerly) inexpensive summer homes built throughout the East End by artists, writers and other seekers of peace and tranquility before the enormous stock market boom of the 1980s begat a new class of visitors to the Hamptons with much more expensive tastes. In these difficult economic times, modest and simple homes such as this one seem to be speaking to more people who want to simplify their lives and lower their expenses.

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