Preparing For The Future


How about those Knicks and the St. John’s Red Storm? Those teams are playing great. I am a huge Knicks fan. I have been watching them since I was little. My favorite player is Carmelo Anthony. I love how he is so dominant and takes so much pride when he plays. He always stays composed. I also love the St. John’s Red Storm. I have been to six games at Madison Square Garden. It was a great experience. If they keep up their good play, they will hopefully make the NCAA tournament!

The life of a student-athlete is not the same as a regular student’s life. It takes a lot of discipline and a strong work ethic to come home from practice at 9 p.m. and be able to maintain the same grades as all of your friends. The key is to create a good balance of practicing your game and studying. The perfect balance of the two is what makes a student-athlete successful.

Being a junior in high school is tough. It is one of the hardest years in high school. I need to stay on top of my work a lot more than in past years. I took the SATs last week and I am starting to look at colleges for next year. I really like St. John’s University. I would be the second generation of my family to become part of the Red Storm nation, if I happen to go there. It’s a great college but I need to keep working hard so I can get accepted.

Playing basketball can take up a large part of your everyday life. You need to have good time management in order to keep your grades up and to succeed in basketball. Practice every day can take a large toll on your body and getting enough sleep is key in the recovery process. Practice is very important in basketball. You prepare to compete against other teams. If you don’t prepare, you will not succeed. One of my favorite quotes is by one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, John Wooden: “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

I’ve always said actions speak louder than words and although this season hasn’t ended up the way I had hoped, I’ve given myself the responsibility of becoming a gym rat over this offseason. I have already set up a weekly routine to follow over the summer. These workouts include lifting three days a week and performing speed, plyometric and agility training two days a week. My brother Mike and I have already made the time in our summer schedules to make sure that we can do this with no conflict. This offseason is the most important offseason so far. Not only for me as an individual but for the entire Westhampton Beach basketball team. Although my time writing this column will eventually come to an end, you will see me again in The Southampton Press. Only next time, my performance on the court will make the headlines!

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