Opposition To Harbor Heights Expansion Continues


A public hearing on a proposed expansion of the Harbor Heights gas station in Sag Harbor continued before the Village Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday night, with the opposition resuming its argument that such an expansion should not be allowed.

East Hampton attorney Jeffrey Bragman, who is representing the group Save Sag Harbor, in a 90-minute presentation before the board outlined a historical timeline for the property at 144 Hampton Street, also known as Route 114, dating back to the 1950s. Several expansions over the years for the pre-existing, non-conforming building mean that it cannot be expanded anymore because it has already met its 50-percent expansion limit from its original size, he claimed.

The attorney also argued that the applicant, Petroleum Ventures, is being deliberately misleading with language, pushing for a much larger office, for example, and cutting back on buffers that cushion it from surrounding homes.

Save Sag Harbor and many neighbors have argued that the proposed expansion would destroy the character of their neighborhood.

The applicant is seeking eight variances related to demolishing an existing 1,874-square-foot garage and office building at the site and replacing it with a similar-sized building that includes a convenience store. It also wants to double the 
number of gas pumps to four and install a large canopy overhead.

Save Sag Harbor member John Shaka presented the board on Tuesday with a petition containing hundreds of signatures of people opposing the expansion.

Only the opposition spoke on Tuesday night. The case was adjourned to next month.

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