East Hampton School District Moves Forward On Charging Bus Employees


The East Hampton School District is moving ahead with charges against two school bus drivers and a mechanic under Civil Service Law, Superintendent Richard Burns confirmed on Friday. District officials still have not said what the charges are, although since February 1 a total of five workers have been suspended, originally all of them with pay.

The East Hampton School Board approved the suspension without pay, effective Wednesday, March 20, of the three workers at a meeting on Tuesday. It did not name the employees.

The other two employees are a bus driver and mechanic, according to East Hampton School Board resolutions passed in recent weeks. They remain suspended with pay.

The school district has appointed a hearing officer, Thomas Volz, to hear the case and make a recommendation to the School Board. The school district is being represented by its attorney, Kevin Seaman, and the transportation department employees are being represented by attorneys working for New York State United Teachers, which also covers nonteaching employees, according to Robert Remkus, co-president of the East Hampton School District’s noninstructional employees’ union.

In such cases, a hearing is scheduled and both sides present their cases to the hearing officer, who then makes a decision “almost like a judge,” Mr. Remkus explained. The hearing must be held within 30 days of the suspension without pay, according to Civil Service Law.

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