Transaction Highlights, March 28


112 Beach Lane, Wainscott, $15,000,000

This large home, built in 2004, is located on a 1.8-acre lot very close to the ocean beach in Wainscott.

Although it is relatively new, its exterior shares all the common features of the classic shingle-style cottage so popular with estate builders in the past. It is quite large, at 8,000 square feet, but one of the great advantages of this style is that the mass of such a large house lends itself to being broken visually into more digestible pieces via the use of dormers, porches, sloped roof lines, eaves, columns, chimneys, roof decks and divided windows. The front façade of this home showcases all of these features.

The inside of the house is traditional as well, but there has been no great effort to make the interior historically accurate with small rooms and endless woodwork. The interior is more open and contemporary than its shingled predecessors, nicely but not extravagantly appointed, with an attractive entry hall with curved staircase and wood paneling, eat-in chef’s kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace and high ceilings. The house, which boasts 6 bedrooms and 8½ baths, also has an oversized garage and pool area.

One might think that with a sales price of $15 million, this house would be on the ocean. In fact, it is one lot back from the ocean, with attractive ocean views.

Over the last decade or so, and with increasing frequency, the ocean beach in Wainscott has eroded heavily. More and more we are hearing from buyers that they want to be near, but perhaps not right on, the water. That sentiment may have contributed to the selling price of this home.

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