Tuckahoe School, March 28


Tuckahoe School


rekindergarten is studying author Eric Carle and his work. They have created several art projects modeled after Eric Carle’s unique illustration style and have also participated in science and writing projects, conducted character comparisons, and created “Hungry Caterpillar” addition sentences, all in connection to the various titles that Eric Carle has written and/or illustrated. Their hard work will culminate in an author celebration on Friday, April 5, during which peers, faculty, administration, and families will be invited into the prekindergarten’s “Eric Carle Museum” to view their many creations.

The school will be hosting a blood drive sponsored by New York Blood Center on Tuesday, April 2, from 1 to 7 p.m. Call Mrs. Seebeck or Mrs. Dansereau at 283-3550 ext. 115 if you have any questions.

Peas, spinach, lettuce, sweet potatoes, onions, and leeks will be planted in the school garden in April. That means lots of fresh produce on the menu in the upcoming months, and in the fall.

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