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s reported by the Journalism Club

The boys volleyball team finished its last game at Shelter Island to complete an undefeated season of 10 games. The eighth-graders on the team were Cameron Kavanaugh, Tyler Chittavong, Patrick Gonzalez, Brandon Flores, Brenden Farrell, Henry Pillco, Eric Lopez, Mason LaCarrubba, Andrew Wilson, Keith Hunt, Jari Bachelor, Luke Vaziri, Derick Palacios and Jonathan Realmuto. The high scorers were Tyler Chittavong, Brandon Flores, Brenden Farrell, Henry Pillco, and Patrick Gonzalez. The captains were Henry Pillco and Patrick Gonzalez. They were coached by Mark McKee, who sponsored a pizza party after school on March 20.

The girls basketball team won its last game of the season against Pierson 36 to 17. Seventh-grader Maddie Schenck was the high scorer with 9 points followed by Danielle Futerman with 6 points. The girls worked hard and had an amazing season with 47 points by seventh-grade guardCarolina Ortega, with 40 points. Eighth-grader Danielle Futerman followed with 36 points while Noely Martinez finished with 31 points for the season.

On Tuesday, March 19, John Foster, with the help of Whitney Reidlinger, organized the school’s annual health fair with more than 25 booths comprising community members and parents. Dr. Edwards discussed dental care and gave away an electric toothbrush. Dr. Vic gave out green backpacks and donated an iPod Nano for the raffle. Kevin Smith from Tee to Green measured more than 50 students for complimentary golf sticks. A smoothie booth provided healthy refreshments while staff members manned a booth to provide information about student support services. All raffle proceeds were donated to the Springs Food Pantry.

On March 21, the school hosted a breakfast for lunch event organized by Tracey Frazier, Ryan Scala and Pat Gibbons. With a menu of pancakes, French toast, sausages and fruit, the event paid for a glossier version of the High Tide Literary Magazine. Based on this year’s fundraising, the Year Book will be available to eighth-graders without cost and for sale to all other students.

Linda Capatosto’s class is making a remix of “Teach Me How to Dougie” to “Teach Me How to Study.” With the help of Genie Henderson from LTV and Sue Ellen O’Connor, they are making a music video to inspire students for the state tests. Ben Wainwright is rapping with his class members as well as editing the film.

Three opera companies are combining to record a CD of the best hits of past operas created by the students. The title song will be “Days in Bonac,” arranged and accompanied by Kyril Bromley and John Gibbons. Margaret Thompson is the musical director and the project is coordinated by Sue Ellen O’Connor. About 50 students will participate in the project. The CDs will be available for sale in the spring.

Eleven junior high art students entered the Google Challenge to illustrate their “best day.” The days ranged from scuba diving to a day at the baseball park. The participants were Jacen Tuthill, Lillian Edwards, Kerrie McCaffrey, Andrew Wilson, Lily McGintee, August Gladstone, Diana Winthrop, Rachel Lafountain, Roxana Rojas, Finn Wainwright and Brian Silva.

In the fall Mrs. Ilaine Bickley’s class planted wheat in the garden. Amanda and Katie from Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett visited the class and they explained that they grind the whole grain and sell the flour at their farm. They learned about the farm, what else is grown there, and are very excited about their upcoming visit in June.

Kim Belkin’s third grade is making weekly excursions to the greenhouse to record observations on the lettuce they planted in their milk cartons. Besides the scientific hypotheses, they are planning on harvesting their crop and making lettuce salad to celebrate the spring.

Irene Tully may not be teaching in the classroom, but she is maintaining contact with the school’s staff by sending nonfiction accounts of her adventures as a babysitting grandmother in California. On her return, the students are hoping for a personal reading from this popular teacher.

Junior high students have volunteered to be buddies to an elementary student. They will meet on Tuesdays for 20 minutes each week to talk and plan activities.

The Harlem MagicMasters visited the school prior to their game in East Hampton. The students had a chance to hear from them about the value of hard work with the chance to catch balls on the court with them.

Senor Michael Kelley commended his students Mariana Munoz and Noely Martinez for helping new students who arrive in the Spanish classes.

“Thank you PARP committee,” says Ethan Bennett, a fifth-grader. “It’s always the best week when it’s PARP time.” PARP week ended with the echo of Bingo throughout the gym. The staff and students with their parents enjoyed a last chance to celebrate their reading. The highlight of the night was the guest caller, principal Eric Casale.

As part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Maria Goncalves’ kindergarten studied the history of Ireland with a little geology. Then they studied potatoes. They counted the eyes, drew them in detail, measured and weighed them and then sliced them and made potato chips for a snack.

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