Trustees To Spearhead Cleanup At Lazy Point In Amagansett This Week


The East Hampton Town Trustees will tackle Lazy Point for a spring cleaning starting at 8 a.m. on Thursday, March 28, and Friday, March 29. Trustee Deborah Klughers said any help would be welcome and that there will be some bags and trucks on hand to assist in the effort.

What needs to be picked up is “not just like beer bottles and litter,” Ms. Klughers said, but larger items like fishermen’s gear and CCA-treated wooden staircases that took a beating during the winter’s storms. The latter leach chemicals, and “having that sitting there leaching is not good for the beach, not good for the environment,” she pointed out.

The original plan had been to clean up Louse Point in Springs as well as the Amagansett beach, but Ms. Klughers said Trustee Nat Miller, a bayman, had done such a good job of getting the word out to fishermen that “many of the things we thought we were going to have to clean up were gone.” The Trustees also put out a notice to commercial fishermen asking them to please remove their gear so that whatever remains could be disposed of.

Unclaimed or unusable fishing materials like nets, lobster pots and buoys will be taken to a Fishing for Energy container at the Montauk transfer station, an initiative secured through a competitive grant that pays tipping fees and transportation costs for hauling discarded gear and recycling it to produce energy. East Hampton Town has waived its customary charges to dispose of other debris and is sending a truck and workers to help out, Ms. Klughers said.

Lazy Point, which even has “an old dilapidated boat” on the beach, “looks really bad and we want to make it look good,” she said. “What we want to do is, after we get it all cleared out, we want to make a special area for the fishermen to store their gear.”

“We just want to make it much nicer and cleaner and more organized,” Ms. Klughers said. “A little beach grass planting” may follow in April to restore “what Mother Nature took away.”

After sprucing up Lazy Point, the volunteers may go to Louse Point to give it the white-glove treatment, perhaps hauling out anything that remains in a pickup truck on Friday afternoon.

Ms. Klughers said work gloves would be a good idea for those who’d like to help out, and that anything else they can bring—pickup trucks or contractor’s bags, for instance—would be useful. Anyone with questions can call the East Hampton Town Trustees office at 267-8688.

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