Riverhead Propositions


Riverhead Propositions
In addition to the school budget, Riverhead School District taxpayers will be asked to vote on two propositions.
Proposition 1 would authorize the district to establish a capital reserve fund, called the “Transportation, Maintenance, and Athletic Fields Capital Reserve,” that would be used to pay for any renovations to the district-owned bus maintenance and storage garage, or its demolition and the construction of a new bus maintenance and storage garage, as well as the installation of athletic fields. The district would transfer revenue from the sale of district-owned property, as well as any of its unreserved, undesignated fund balance and existing capital funds to the new capital reserve fund, which could reach an ultimate amount of $10 million over 10 years.

Proposition 2 would authorize the district to purchase two vacant parcels of land in Riverside. The first property, which would cost the district $55,000, is a 1.3-acre strip of land that borders the Phillips Avenue Elementary School to the north. The second 1.4-acre parcel would cost $425,000 and sits in the Riverside enterprise zone, just north of the other property. The district would use revenue from the sale of development rights for 27 acres of district-owned land off Tuthills Lane in Aquebogue to purchase the lots, with the possible goal of relocating the district’s bus barn facility to the site.

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