Bridgehampton Man Found Dead Outside Butter Lane Fitness Center


Early Saturday morning, Southampton Town Police arrived in front of a Butter Lane fitness center in Bridgehampton to find a body hanging from a tree.

Fabian Seyrig De Saussure, 51, of Bridgehampton had hanged himself just hours before he was discovered by a landscape company worker at approximately 6:30 a.m., according to Southampton Town Police.

“There is no foul play suspected—we believe it is a straight-out suicide,” said Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa. “There had been reports of him through other agencies that he had several other health issues and troubles.”

Mr. Seyrig De Saussure, who lived on Butter Lane, had attempted suicide at least once before, in November 2011, when he concocted a mixture of chemicals in a five-gallon plastic bucket inside his car to create a noxious gas designed to poison him. He changed his mind about killing himself and drove to Southampton Hospital, causing the Emergency Department entrance to be shut down for several hours that morning as hazardous materials crews worked to decontaminate the scene. He was later arrested by Southampton Village Police and charged with a felony for the action. He said in January 2012 that his intention was not to hurt anyone else.

Mr. Seyrig De Saussure apparently tried to be considerate before his death—reportedly, his body was found with a note saying he was sorry to whomever found him.

Lester Ware, the owner of Personal Best One On One, which shares the fitness center at 264 Butter Lane with SoulCycle and One Ocean Yoga Center, said he wasn’t around when the body was found and was very reticent to talk about the situation. “He was a troubled, nice man that was sad,” he said.

When asked why Mr. Seyrig De Saussure picked a tree in front of his business, he said he had no comment but that it wasn’t because of his business. “He was a troubled man,” he repeated. “It’s sad.”

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