Sagaponack Community Notes, May 16


Anyone who is interested in writing this column for the high summer months, please contact me. I will be disqualified from its authorship, because I will be moving away. One of the only requirements is that you are a full-time resident and you can write a run-on sentence about the swallows circling your tractor while you are at full operating speed, which means the tread of the tires is a whir as the birds stream above the dangerous momentum.
Because it has been so cold, food is scarce, and the agile birds are taking greater risks as they vie to be nearest the springing prey. Perhaps, but, all the same, these birds know tractors, the routine implements that stir insects into the air. No doubt they even count on and complement the farming industry. Swallows will tail a lawn mower or a single running dog, but here, skimming above the tires is a seasonal familiarity I should never want to lose.

I’m not going far, and by a real estate agent’s map I am actually only moving to Sagaponack North or Northern Sagaponack. But to call Poxabogue either is to imply that it is a mere ’burb of the main event, which couldn’t be less true. I know this because a few times I have caught a glimpse of sunset over Poxabogue Pond. Just yesterday, a young woman from Arkansas, having the distinct look of a college graduate, was taking a picture as the sun blazed up the western sky. The sun was not visible, which allowed us to look instead at the layers of clouds struck and illuminated to various hues, beginning with purple and ending with gold. The namesake pond was below, a mirror sheet, sending it back.

Also, too, there is the different morning, and the few degrees warmer, and the less water-laden fog. The sun rises over the vineyard, cups each newly emerged leaf, makes the dew shimmer. Even at this hour, the immediate world is presented through the amber tint of chardonnay or dandelion. Which is different from Sagaponack South, and further disqualifies me, because I won’t be fully in touch with the atmosphere that this column is supposed to represent.

Instead, I’ll be working on something called the Poxabogue Portal.

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