Springs School Board Chooses To Back Dominic Mucci As Superintendent Again


The Springs School Board wants to reappoint Superintendent Dominic Mucci to his current post, and will apply to the State Education Department to do so.

Board President Kathee Burke Gonzalez announced at a meeting on Monday night that the board wanted Mr. Mucci, a retiree in the New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, to serve one final year at the district. Since Mr. Mucci is a retiree, his appointment is contingent upon a waiver from the state’s education commissioner. This would be the second and final one-year waiver Mr. Mucci would be able to work under.

“Dom brings a great deal of energy and compassion to the job and cares deeply about our students,” Ms. Gonzalez said reading a statement. “He collaborates beautifully with the staff. And he and [Principal] Eric [Casale] make a terrific team.”

The district conducted a search for superintendent beginning in January, Ms. Gonzalez said. Twenty individuals responded to the ad, including Mr. Mucci.

Mr. Mucci was hired as a part-time superintendent in June at a salary of $105,000. He’s no stranger to Springs School: He served as superintendent of the district from 1999 to 2002.

Mr. Casale spoke highly of Mr. Mucci. In his 16 years in education, he said, Mr. Mucci was “probably the best superintendent I’ve ever worked with.”

“It’s been fantastic,” Mr. Casale said. “Not only is he a wealth of knowledge, he is so dedicated to the children and the families of this community. It really has been a pleasure. Really.”

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