Springs School News, May 23


Springs School
As reported by the Journalism Club

The 31 members of Journalism Club wrapped up their season with their annual awards club meeting and ice cream sundae special. Mary Jane Arceri returned from her retirement to help Sue Ellen O’Connor with the festivities. The students collectively wrote 56, 318 words of news since September. Students received certificates for making the 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 word clubs. Sixth-grader Matthew Maya topped the word count for the second year in a row, followed closely by Erin Kennedy and Ella Gurney. Ben Wainwright, Jeremy Vizcaino and Zed Albertini rounded out the 3,000 word club. Bella Tarbet has the highest word count for a fourth-grader with Santiago Maya as the top third-grader. The youngest reporter was second-grader Ian Burge. All students promised to return to the club in the fall.

The school celebrated its seventh film festival of the season, bringing the total count of films to 43. The last festival included four documentaries and five animations. The final film was Hamlet, animated by Bella Tarbet and Evan Mendelman. The students enjoyed a special film sent over by Springs graduate Sage Gibbons of his prize-winning film, “Searching for Dewey,” a spoof on the Dewey decimal system. John Gibbons, Sage’s father, who works at Springs shared Sage’s film. The students were invited to vote for their favorites of the season as part of the Osprey Awards in June.

Grace Frazier and Anna Rafferty were the hosts for the annual spring concert on May 21 in the gym, featuring the school’s chorus, under the direction of Margaret Thompson, and the bands with the jazz band, directed by Ben Jones. Solos were sung by Camilla Tucci and Nina Gonzalez.

The Academic Enrichment students spent May 21 at Suffolk County Community College, sampling an array of courses from paleontology to song writing. The program, a favorite of the students, is hosted by BOCES.

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