Sag Harbor Getty Reopens After Five-Month Vacancy


The Getty gas station in Sag Harbor reopened last week under new management after having been closed for nearly five months.

Margaret Maya said she and her husband, Alex Arango, are now leasing the Main Street site across from Mashashimuet Park. The gas station officially opened last Thursday, May 16, as Sag Harbor Gas Station Inc. The body shop is expected to open in about two weeks, she added.

A tri-colored “OPEN” banner has been flying at the property since last week.

“It is a pleasure to serve the community of the Hamptons,” she said.

The station and auto repair shop was shuttered in January after Jim Shelly, the owner of East Hampton’s Georgica Services, the previous tenant of the site, said he lost money selling gasoline in 2012 and saw no hope of turning a profit this year.

“I don’t know why they ever let it close,” Mr. Shelly said of Alliance Energy, the fuel supplier that has a 10-year lease with the property owner, Getty Realty. “They’re idiots … I guess they have now leased it to somebody who thinks that they’ve got a deal going there.”

Upon closing in January, Mr. Shelly said Alliance Energy sold gas to him at prices that would not allow him to be competitive with other stations.

Alliance Energy has not replied to requests for comment.

“But it’s open, and it’s a good thing, because Sag Harbor needs that little gas station there,” Mr. Shelly said. “So God bless whoever’s doing it. Good luck.”

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