Tuckahoe School News, May 30


Tuckahoe School
Aloha! Tuckahoe second grade students took a virtual field trip and visited with their Hawaiian pen pals on Wednesday, May 22. Ms. Dodici’s and Mrs. Miller’s classes have been corresponding with their pen pals all year and were very excited to see them and speak with them personally through Skype. Each student took a turn asking his or her pen pal a question and enjoyed learning more about the Hawaiian students’ favorite foods, favorite sports, interests, and plans for the summer. Mahalo, Ms. Verdeschi!

The American Cancer Society event, “Relay for Life,” this year will be held on May 31 at Bridgehampton School starting at 6 p.m. A second Tuckahoe team has been created to accommodate the many students who have signed up for the relay. Visit the school’s page at relayforlife.org and look up Triple T’s and Triple T’s Too.

The PTO Spring Book Fair & Author/Illustration Day will be held on Wednesday, May 29, Thursday, May 30, and Friday, May 31.

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