Beachcomber, May 30


Another Memorial Day weekend has come to an end, and while Mother Nature made it feel more like late fall rather than spring, that did not stop everyone from enjoying themselves.
Thursday evening, I met a friend for dinner at Little Red, which was delightful. Evidently, it was the place to be, as I ran into a slew of people I knew, all enjoying a quick bite and friendly conversation.

As the temperature dropped on Friday, I kept thinking that the best place to be was home. Unfortunately, I had made dinner plans with several friends. I was toying with the idea of canceling when my phone rang. It was one of the couples I was meeting for dinner. We started chatting away but not getting anywhere with the conversation. After about 20 minutes, we finally addressed the issue of dinner. Turns out that no one wanted to leave their respective homes to go out, but we were all being too polite to cancel! We agreed to postpone dinner, and I happily snuggled up with a throw on the sofa and watched TV. Not exactly an exciting evening—but just what I wanted to do.

Saturday morning, I ran into town to do errands, not thinking about how crowded it would be, but I managed to get them done. The one thing I did notice while in town was the shortage of parking spaces. It seems that one of those “improvement” projects I mentioned last week took away parking spaces rather than creating new ones. I don’t know who was in charge of that project, but I think they got it wrong.

I was planning on going over to Coopers Beach that afternoon for the annual Kites for a Cure event, but I figured it was canceled due to the rain. Turns out that several brave souls did manage to fly their kites over the beach.

That evening, it was off to Sagaponack to the ARF Thrift Shop for its annual Designer Showhouse and Sale. While driving over there, the temperature gauge in my car said that it was 46 degrees outside! Inside the thrift shop, the atmosphere was warm and festive. Guests wandered through the shop visiting each of the rooms the decorators had arranged, all with items that were donated to the Thrift Shop.

One room in particular caught my eye, done in a “50 Shades of … Grey” theme by designer Elizabeth Dow. She used one of her own new wallpaper designs and gray paint to give her room a face-lift. From the large driftwood sculpture hanging on the wall to the sofa done in a gray chenille-type fabric, the room had an amazing and soothing look.

Seen enjoying the night: Nicole B. Brewer, Phil Moloney and Bob Taft, Lisa and Brian McCarthy, Gigi Mahon, Katherine and Billy Rayner, Preston Phillips, Jennifer Rockford, Susan Kelly, Polly Bruckmann, Pat Kyle, Lynn Chase, Jean Shafiroff, Diane Burn, and Sandra McConnell. (A side note: Sandra looks fantastic, now that she has gotten rid of a certain toxic someone.)

I also ran into Gary Crain and his partner, James Alan Smith, with their beautiful Irish setter named Vera. Gary and Jim have been very busy working with all the volunteers and designers for the Fresh Air Home’s upcoming DDD event.

Each year I seem to fall in love with a dog that is available for adoption. This year was no exception, as I befriended Barney, a 6-month-old black Newfoundland with very big, white paws. He was without a doubt the highlight of the night for me and nearly impossible to leave, but my schedule does not allow me enough time to be a responsible pet owner. All of the dogs and cats there that night need good, safe, loving homes, and in return will give you years of unconditional love. That is the best gift of all.

It seems that everyone was out here this weekend and by Sunday even the sun decided to make an appearance. First stop of the evening was the Avenue Magazine cocktail party held at the new Delmonico’s restaurant by the train station. Avenue is running three special Hamptons editions this summer, titled “Avenue on the Beach.” The place was packed both inside and out with people enjoying the wonderful hors d’oeuvres that the restaurant served. If this is any indication of what the menu is like, I think we may have a new place for dinner this season.

Seen: Ellen North, Cathy Dransfield, hat designer Eric Javits, Tom Radcliffe, Jan Rose of Rose Jewelers, Brandon Vayda, Steve McKenna, Jason Kringstein, Gina Borman with her daughter Lauren and boyfriend Tyler Mortimer, Lucy Puig and husband Jose Pincay-Delgado, and Jackie LaBorne and business partner Bridget Brosseau.

Jackie and Bridgette have started a new business called Petite Fete Clambakes on a boat named the “Sea Spray” out in Montauk. They prepare and serve dinner, which includes lobster, clams, corn on the cob, fresh fruit and beverages, while guests enjoy a trip around the East End of the island. Everything they serve is locally grown or caught. Jackie tells me they can comfortably seat 30 on the boat. What a great idea for a party! Best of luck to you both.

Next stop of the night was to Pandi Biddle and Yves Hentic’s home for their annual Memorial Day cocktail party. This is a town sweep party, with everyone stopping by for a cocktail to start off the season.

Seen enjoying the night: Susie Wagner, Larry Horton, Cindy and Ladd Willis, Nancy and Peter Larsen with daughter Kate and fiancée Jay, David Nadal, Christl and Kenny Meszkat, Lisa and Flip Crawford, Knight and Bert Meem, Marion and Phil Piro, Annette and Gerry Geddes, Sam Orleans and Kevin Hansley, Wendy Routh and daughter Lexi, and Doran Mullen. (By the way, if you are ever in Palm Beach on President’s Day weekend, be sure to get an invite to Doran’s cocktail party—it’s not to be missed!)

I didn’t stay long, as I was invited to the Southampton Bath and Tennis Club for their opening dinner party. The club outdid itself with this party and set the bar very high for future parties. Dinner was outstanding, and the place was packed, as everyone celebrated the holiday weekend.

You know my rule: I do not mention names at private clubs—but a very big thank you to my hosts M and B for including me in this spectacular night.

Monday, I was finally able to get out in the garden, which needs a lot of work. Friends stopped by from up-island for lunch, and we enjoyed a peaceful day at home.

This Saturday night, there is only one place to be: the Southampton Fresh Air Home for the annual Decorators-Designers-Dealers Sale and Auction Benefit. The VIP shopping starts at 5 p.m., and it is very wise to get there early, before all the great deals get snatched up. Cocktails, along with a silent auction and a live wine auction, make for an amazing evening. This is one of those events that should not be missed.

Next Thursday evening, the Wildlife Conservation Society will be holding its annual black tie gala at the Central Park Zoo. This year’s theme is “The Wonders of Southeast Asia.” Cocktails and an elegant sit-down dinner, with the zoo as a backdrop, makes for a wonderful evening. I hope to see you there!

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