Water Mill Community Notes, May 30


I’ll repeat: Water Mill is two words.
The last time I mentioned that fact in this column was a few years ago after reading it as one word in The New York Times. Remarkably, I got an email from then Times Executive Editor Bill Keller that it had been duly noted, Water Mill, two words. Well, I guess he left his post before it was written in The Times’ stylebook because our beloved hamlet was referred to as the dreaded one-word Watermill in the page one Times story about the boozy partying at beaches farther east that makes mention of Jennifer Lopez’s purchase of a home over in Mecox.

I know the urge to make everything one word is strong, whether it’s to stylize it or because our texting compulsion makes many words run together. Whatever the reason, it’s been two words since 1644. Let’s keep it that way.

The Water Mill turkey survived the holiday traffic. On Thursday evening one of the employees at Suki Zuki helped him across the street when he was unsure whether he wanted to stay on the north or the south side of the highway. She now has a new best friend and he follows her back to work. One person was able to feed bread to the turkey, which took it right from his hand. This anecdote prompted my editor to ask, is it really possible to prestuff a turkey like that? Others, the turkey didn’t like as much, chasing them around their cars or on the village green.

Don’t forget that the Water Mill Community Club’s annual family barbecue will be held on Sunday, June 2, from 5 to 7 p.m. At this event, scholarships are presented to graduating seniors who have been involved with the WMCC over the years. A more recent addition to the event is the rocket launch. The committee will supply some Estes rockets but those attending are also invited to bring their own. And in the true spirit of community, the WMCC asks that each family bring a jar of peanut butter or jelly (or both!) that will be brought to our local food pantry.

Are you interested in learning to play bridge? The Water Mill Bridge Club is offering lessons for beginners on Wednesdays, starting June 12. This challenging game requires math skills, logic, cunning, planning and teamwork, a great way to keep those brain synapses sharp. Class will require Audrey Grant textbooks and workbooks at an additional cost.

Advanced bridge players can hone their skills further with lessons from bridge professional Joe Byrne, who will be teaching classes on Thursdays, starting June 30. For more information about either classes, email kcarew@optonline.net or call 726-4540. The WMBC has a website at www.bridgeinthehamptons.com.

Congratulations to Jena Arnister of Water Mill who graduated from York College of Pennsylvania on May 18 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. She is the daughter of Dwayne and Annamaria Arnister.

And my own son, Sam Creech, will get his bachelor’s degree today, May 30, from Queens College. He majored in English. Great job, Sam! I am so proud of you.

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