East Hampton Village Traffic Control Officers Have New Duds


Out on the hot concrete, traffic control officers in East Hampton Village will look a little brighter and feel a little cooler this summer in brand new uniforms. Instead of their blue button up shirts worn with bright orange vests, their new duds are simpler: black pants and a lighter, moisture-wicking polo shirt. The new shirts are black and bright yellow, with reflective stripes for safety. The word “Traffic” runs across the back in reflective material.

“Everyone likes the new shirts—we’re feeling better,” said Robert Jahoda, the East Hampton Village Police Department’s traffic control supervisor . “This is a great way to kick off the new year and get a new vibe out there.”

All 28 TCOs got three shirts apiece, according to Officer Jahoda. Not only are they highly visible, they don’t need to be ironed.

The old blue uniform shirts, which required more care, cost approximately $35 each, according to Chief Gerard Larsen. The new shirts cost $5 less and were bought in bulk.

Traffic control officers, who typically make $13 to $15 an hour depending on their experience, help pedestrians cross the street, direct traffic flow and enforce parking regulations in the business district.

“They’re definitely an important part of the summer police force,” Chief Larsen said. “They did a great job when we had all that rain and everything was just gridlocked.”

According to Officer Jahoda, the shirts add more than safety for the TCOs: “We look better too.”

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