Police Investigating Series Of Car Break-Ins In Flanders


Thieves broke into five cars in the Flanders area over three days last week, stealing identification cards from at least three of the vehicles, according to Southampton Town Police.

In the first two incidents, both reported on the evening of Thursday, May 30, two Flanders Road neighbors told authorities that thieves rummaged through their vehicles while they were parked next to one another.

The owner of a 2012 Nissan said the thieves stole a driver’s license, medical insurance card and a Social Security card, while the owner of a 1998 Mercury said they took the victim’s driver’s license, three insurance cards and a knapsack.

On Friday afternoon, two more Flanders residents—one on Riverside Avenue and the other on Priscilla Avenue—reported that items were also stolen from their cars. It was unclear what items were taken from those vehicles.

Then on Saturday afternoon, a Priscilla Avenue woman reported that sometime during the overnight hours thieves rummaged through her 2012 Honda Pilot while it was parked in her driveway. She said they took her iPod, several electronic chargers and audio wire. The vehicle’s registration was also missing, according to the incident report.

The reports do not state whether the vehicles were locked at the time of the thefts.

Police are still investigating the break-ins and said it was still too early to confirm if they are related.

Port-a-Potty Missing

An orange portable toilet placed in the parking lot at Ponquogue Beach in Hampton Bays was reported stolen by the Southampton Town Parks Department last week.

The Call-A-Head toilet, which is valued at $2,000, was reported missing from the eastern side of the lot at 1:37 p.m. on May 28. According to Southampton Town Police, town employees contacted the company and officials there have no record of removing it.

Police said they are investigating the theft.

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