Springs School News, June 13


Springs School

As reported by the Journalism Club

Karen McKee’s and Maryellen Farrell’s second-grade classes visited Amber Waves Farm to learn about the history of wheat growing on Long Island, observed the growth progression of raspberry bushes, practiced their weeding skills and fed the chickens.

Coach Mark McKee and John Foster recognized eighth graders who participated in four sports this year. Kerrie McCaffrey, Andrea Romo, Danielle Futerman and Camila Tucci were the female athletes with Andrew Wilson, Tyler Chittavong, Branden Farrell, Erick Lopez and Luke Vaziri, the male athletes. Students will vote for the most outstanding athletes and sportsmanship award from these groups.

The citizens of the month were nominated by teachers. Jack O’Sullivan was chosen by Ann Marie Diaz for his friendliness and attention to directions. Dillon Islami was chosen by Ann Marie Schuppe for accepting every challenge with a positive attitude. In the junior high sixth-grader Melissa Fernandez was chosen for overcoming the obstacles of coming to a new school and helping other new students make the transition to Springs. Seventh-grader Isabella Aguero was recognized by Louann Ramsden for her focus and maturity.

The final pep rally of the year recognized outstanding artists from the second semester. Karen Blandon and Hadessa Meyers were selected for their consistently outstanding art, and cartooning awards went to Brian Silva, Finn Wainwright and Lila Edwards. The juried art show of junior high small canvases has become an annual tradition. The students recognized by a team of artists were: Emily Driver, Michelle Nguyen, Huynh Thao, Anna Lytton, Finn Wainwright, Maria Chavez, Lizette Maurath, Ace Albertini, Barrow Manfred, Alexandra Vecchio, Justin Carpio and Brian Silva. The works ranged from landscapes, to cubism and abstract work.

The Visiting Artist program continues to thrive under the leadership of art teacher Colleen McGowan. This week Ursula Thomas led the fifth-graders in lessons working with ink, experimenting with value and culminating with sumi art. The sixth-graders discovered the magic of crystals when artist Andrea Pisacano shared her collection, combining music and story telling with the students’ illustrations of these complex rock formations.

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