Trustees Looking To Install New Drainage Pipe At Coopers Neck Pond


Southampton Village trustees are looking for money to fund a drainage project for Cooper’s Neck Pond to alleviate flooding in the area.

Currently, a thin pipe running from the pond to the bay is designed to stop water from overflowing from the pond onto nearby Meadow Lane and Cooper’s Neck Lane. However, according to Mayor Mark Epley, the pipe is too small and frequently clogs. As a result, he said, during storms there can be several inches of water pooling on the roadway because of the pond. Private properties nearby also are frequently flooded.

A wider pipe installed under Meadow Lane would address the problem. The project is estimated to cost approximately $100,000, double the original estimate and the amount budgeted. Now, the village is trying to find an additional $50,000 to fund the project, which Mr. Epley says is necessary to prevent future flooding.

“I would have liked to have it started a while ago,” he said. “It is just a matter of where we are going to find the funding for it.”

Mr. Epley also noted that it took several months for the village to secure permits from the Department of Environmental Conservation to carry out the project. The permits were authorized last month.

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