Windmill Village II Residents Need Plastic Storage Bins


Residents of the Windmill Village II low-income housing complex on Accabonac Road are in need of plastic storage containers, according to J.Z. Holden, the tenant representative for the complex. She said a mold problem in the basement needs to be cleaned up and everyone’s belongings must be put away.

Two weeks ago Windmill II management told residents to pack up their things by June 28 but many of them cannot afford to buy storage containers or are not physically able to go out and purchase them, she said. Windmill Village II not only provides housing for low-income earners but for those 62 and older and who have disabilities. She said there are 47 residents.

Ms. Holden called the Bridgehampton K-Mart two weeks ago and asked the manager, Rudy Forster, to donate Rubbermaid bins. This week he donated 20.

“It’s so wonderful for tenants here, particularly for the ones that are disabled and for those who can’t afford to purchase them,” she said.

Unfortunately, 20 bins won’t suffice, and so she is asking the community for help.

“In an ideal world, we would need 200 to make sure everybody had enough plastic bins in which to put their things,” she said. She said each apartment has only one closet.

To find out how to help, call Ms. Holden at 324-3193.

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