Water Mill Community Notes, July 4


Happy Fourth of July! Many of you might just be returning from Southampton Village where the annual parade takes place. And we hear that our neighbor Matt Lauer was one of the judges for the parade entries this year. This on the heels of being host, along with pro golfer Paula Creamer, of a golf clinic for kids at the U.S. Open. It’s been a busy week for him, having sandwiched in an interview with the embattled chef, Paula Deen. No wonder we’ve never seen him over on the farm, which is still under construction.We thoroughly enjoyed having Scottish pro golfer Carly Booth with us for the week. She was sweet and shy and we learned a lot about professional golf and the Sebonack golf course. She did not make the cut but she stuck around through the weekend anyway and sending her off to the airport on Sunday afternoon was like sending a daughter off to college. We expect to see great things from Carly in the future, starting, we hope, with qualifying for the British Open.

The players at the Water Mill Bridge Club got quite a surprise last Wednesday as the day’s highly competitive Silver Point Championship Game was coming to an end. A parade of waiters from neighboring restaurant Trata came marching in bearing platters of food, led by David (the owner) and Michael (the manager). They brought over quite the feast—fried calamari; a zucchini, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese salad, pitas with five different hummuses, an array of dips, and fruit. All unexpected, delicious and on the house. The 40 bridge players ate every morsel in short order. One women, who was grousing about the cards she had been dealt during the competition, wisecracked “This is the best deal I’ve had all day.

Bridge club owners Kathie and Jennifer McLauchlen were overwhelmed by Trata’s neighborly gesture.

Last week I was out for a morning run when Duane Arnister stopped me to share a really cool photo taken by neighbor Rick Wesnofske and since published in Newsday. He caught a great shot of, believe it or not, a coyote in a field in Water Mill. Duane had seen it around a couple times but this is the best photo yet.

In the first draft of this column, I noted that now we’ve got a lone coyote to add to the lone turkey lineup. But since then, and you’ve likely heard by now, the turkey was taken to the animal rescue center in Hampton Bays on Tuesday. It was found stumbling around on Tuesday morning, apparently the victim of an incredibly cruel prank in which his legs were tied together with tape. It will recover but won’t be released in Water Mill. However, the rescuers pointed out that it has wings, so if it really wants to return to our hamlet it can.

On this wonderful holiday I am very reluctant to gripe, but chances are others are griping too today because the traffic is likely horrendous. And since my gripe is traffic related, here it is:

Once again, it’s about the roundabout. This time, though, I was on the receiving end of roundabout road rage. First a quick tutorial: when approaching the roundabout from any direction, the drivers in the circle HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY. If you are approaching the circle you must stop if others are already moving through it.

Now on to the rage: recently I was driving home from Bridgehampton, happily moving round the circle but on guard for those who are roundabout rule challenged when I noticed a car approaching from the east on Scuttlehole. Clearly, the driver thought he could just keep going but stopped because I was already too close for him to do so. Once I passed, he immediately proceeded into the circle and followed me at a distance of about two feet until I made the turn onto Blank Lane. At that point, he leaned on his horn. I won’t write about my reaction.

And while I have not had any recent near misses at the corner of Head of Pond and Deerfield, he is a reminder that if you are heading north on Deerfield and making the turn east onto Head of Pond, you must yield to those who are coming from the north and turning east onto Head of Pond.

Anyway, let’s drive safely and keep calm. To be sure, this won’t be the last episode of roundabout road rage.

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