Montauk Man Arrested For Allegedly Damaging Neighbor’s Property With Gunfire, Growing Marijuana


An East Hampton Town Police Department investigation into property damage at a home in Montauk led to the June 7 arrest of a man police said fired a gun at his neighbor’s pool and had been growing marijuana at his home on Fairview Drive. Additionally, a woman was arrested in connection with marijuana plants and a gun.

East Hampton Town Police reported the arrests on Tuesday, July 16.

According to police, a homeowner discovered that someone had punctured his aboveground swimming pool with what police said was a small-caliber bullet between May 26 and June 7. On June 7, when the report was filed, police said they followed the possible path that the bullet could have taken, which led them to William Evans’s property. Mr. Evans, 61, allowed the police into his home, where, police said, they saw a small-caliber shell casing between deck boards in his backyard. Police said the shell casing resembled the casing for the bullet recovered from the pool, and that just nearby, in plain sight on the deck, was a small marijuana plant.

When Mr. Evans produced the gun in question, police said, they saw more marijuana plants under a grow light located in a back room of his residence. As officers returned to the house after placing the gun in their patrol car, they noticed two handguns in the living room and more small marijuana plants under a grow light in a workroom, they said. A small bag of marijuana and a smoking pipe were sitting next to a bed as well, according to police.

Mr. Evans was arrested at 1:33 p.m. and charged with criminal mischief, illegal discharge of a firearm, unlawful growing of cannabis, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, all misdemeanors, and criminal possession of marijuana in the third degree, a felony.

Patricia M. Felden, 56, who lives at the same address, according to the police report, was arrested and charged with unlawful growing of cannabis, a misdemeanor, criminal possession of marijuana in the third degree, a felony, and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor.

They were each released on $250 cash bail.

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