LIPA Restructures Solar Rebate Program


The Long Island Power Authority recently announced a restructuring of its solar programs.

Beginning July 31, LIPA lowered its rebates to $.99 per AC watt—which is equivalent to $.75 per DC watt for a typical system—for the installation of a residential customer-owned or leased solar system. In addition, LIPA has lifted its contractor cap for the amount of solar systems allowed per company. The cap was originally put in place to help stabilize the program to address the rapid demand for solar and allow for more LIPA customers to participate in the program.

Since 2000, LIPA has provided financial incentives for the installation of over 6,500 solar roofs on Long Island through its residential and commercial solar system programs. Late last year, LIPA expanded its programs to establish the New York State’s first feed-in tariff for mid-to-large solar installations and to also allow for residential solar leasing.

“LIPA is encouraged that it has continued to attract high numbers of customers interested in solar energy. The growing interest and availability in the marketplace for solar installations, together with the availability of other local, state and federal tax incentives, make it reasonable for LIPA to adjust its incentive structure,” said LIPA Chief Operating Officer John McMahon in a recent press release. “We are hopeful we will see continued growth in solar energy while keeping costs to LIPA’s 1.1 million electric customers at the lowest reasonable levels.”

The new rebate incentives will continue to provide funding for the installation of solar systems but will also enable many more consumers to participate in investing in renewable energy. The restructured rebate will remain in effect until market conditions dictate the need for LIPA to modify the rebate again. For more additional information, visit

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