Ice Cream Champion Downs 31 Ounces To Win Contest; More than $300 Raised for Wounded Warrior Project


Mike Keaveny, a golf pro at the Montauk Downs, won an ice cream eating contest at Ben & Jerry’s in Montauk on Saturday, devouring 31 ounces of the cool treat to chanting, clapping and stomping from his cheering section.

In the final round, in which 12 ounces of the dessert were served in a taco-style dish, he squeezed all 12 ounces into his mouth. He topped about nine other contestants to win a $50 Ben & Jerry’s gift card.

The event was so fun, said owner and co-judge Gail Engelmann, that she laughed so hard her belly ached. The contest raised $300 for the Wounded Warrior Project, and Ms. Engelmann said she will match that by donating an additional $300.

She said she hopes to hold another ice cream contest toward the end of the month. “Initially, people were interested but fearful to participate,” she said. “We only want fun, no sickness, so we made simple bowls of ice cream.”

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