Beachcomber, August 8


I was feeling better last week, so I accepted an invitation to join several friends for dinner at the pop-up restaurant BLT Steak on County Road 39. Several people had been saying how good it was, and I wanted to see for myself. It was fantastic! The meal was excellent, the atmosphere lovely, and the service great. I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Balsamo, the general manager, as well as executive chef Cliff Crooks. If you want a great meal, you will not be disappointed—but you’d better hurry, as they are here only until Labor Day.

I had a dear friend come visit this weekend who had never been to Southampton before. I was excited to show her all the sights, since she hears me talk about them all the time. It was interesting to see her reaction to our summer community, which she fell in love with.

We had dinner Thursday night at Little Red, which was absolutely packed. Sitting at the bar relaxing with bartender Andy was just the ticket, and we enjoyed a lovely meal as we caught up.

Friday morning, I drove her all around the area, showing her our beautiful beaches, the ocean and various tree-lined streets. We went into town, which was very crowded, to go shopping. She found a wonderful dress at Renaissance on Main Street, which she decided would be perfect for an event we were going to that night, and it was.

I wanted to go to Silver’s for lunch, but the place was too crowded, so we decided to get salads at the Village Cheese Shop. It was nice to see so many people shopping in town supporting all the stores. A little more shopping after lunch, and then home for a swim.

The first stop of the evening was Ashgrove Farm, the stunning Water Mill home of Ann Hearst and Jay McInerney. It was the Alzheimer’s Association’s Hamptons kickoff party for the Rita Hayworth Gala, which will be held October 22 in New York City. Guests gathered on the back porch and lawn enjoying cocktails and edibles from Robbins Wolfe, while looking out at the animals that live on the property. From llamas to emus to exotic chickens and ponies, everywhere you turned there was something to admire.

Seen: Cornelia Bregman, Cole Rumbough, Katlean de Monchy, Joan Jedell, Debbie Bancroft, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Loraine Boyle, Lauren Day Roberts, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Sandra McConnell, Basil Zirinis, Chele Chiavacci, Sharon Bush, Pam and Michael Feick, Karen and Clay Tompkins, Mai Hallingby, Peter Di Paola, Nina Griscom, Susan Peters, Nicole Miller, Peggy Siegal, Blaise Labriola, and, of course, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

We had to dash to get back to Southampton in time for a private dinner party at a dear friend’s home. I did not want to miss this, as our hostess is a wonderful cook and always puts together an interesting group of people for these dinners. This night was no exception, as the conversation was fascinating and the meal exquisite. Thank you, Gogo, for another perfect night!

Saturday morning, I headed over to the Elks Lodge to join the group of volunteers to help set up the tables for the big Southampton Hospital Summer Party that night. As always, everyone comes together to support this important cause, and a very big thank you to all the volunteers.

Afterward, my friend and I went to the Bath and Tennis Club for lunch as the guests of one of the members. We were greeted by an amazing artwork display on the halls of the club. Each year, various members display their talent with an art exhibit. The works had been installed last Thursday and are on display for the next week or so. It is amazing to see the fine work that the members do.

Since it was raining, we decided to go back into town to explore Jobs Lane, which my friend rather enjoyed. Town started to quiet down around 4 o’clock, and I realized that we needed to get going so we could get ready for the big event that evening.

Saturday night, the main event was the 55th annual Summer Party for the hospital. This year there was a change of venue, as we all headed over to the large tent at the Elks Lodge, where Art Southampton took place the week before. Nick Korniloff was kind enough to donate the tent with its air-conditioning and covered floor for this year’s party.

Guests gathered for cocktails and to view the silent auction items at the front of the tent. Seen: Jamee and Peter Gregory (along with Jamee’s mother, Arlene Tucker), Christine and Jim Gray, Stan Glinka, Myra and Frank Wieser, Jane and Bob Fear, Tatiana and Campion Platt, Sam Orleans and Kevin Hansley, Lisa and Rome Arnold, Gloria Meyers, Doran Mullen, and Ann and Bill Yawney.

Afterward, it was into the main dining room for a wonderful meal prepared by Robbins Wolfe, accompanied by music from the always-delightful Alex Donner and his Orchestra. Seen: Jean Fitzsimmons, Ann Grimm, Howard Marton, Patty and George Kraus, Judy and Jack Hadlock, Lyn and Warren Hamer, Jessie and Rand Araskog, Carol and Fred Guest, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Barbara and Alan Glatt, Cindy and Ladd Willis, Allison Morrow and Jon Cohen (Allison in a beautiful turquoise print gown from Dazzle), Liz and Peter Haveles, Melanie and John Wambold (Melanie in a stunning Italian gold lace), Andrea Karamblelas, Margo Nederlander (Margo in a great floral print Ralph Lauren), Kristina Gustafson Nederlander (with her children Krisanna and Gunnar), Diane and Charles Holmes with daughter Carrie Catherine, and Simona Panti (who has just arrived from Italy for the rest of the summer).

Other notables: Audrey and Martin Gruss (Audrey in a fantastic turquoise dress by Oscar de la Renta), Sheila and Joe Fuchs, Nancy Stone, Scott Schneider, Donna Karan, emcee for the night Chuck Scarborough, Judy and Denis Dwyer, Christl and Kenny Meszkat (Christl in a terrific gray lace Catherine Malendrino), Sharon Kerr, Lise and Michael Evans, Darcy and George Gould, Henry Buhl, and far too many others to list here.

Chairperson for the evening Jean Shafiroff gave a lovely speech and thanked all the committee chairs for their help and everyone for supporting this wonderful cause. The hospital is a vital part of our community whose presence is greatly appreciated. We all enjoy the summer here, and you tend not to think about the fact that we have this great facility in our village—that is, until you need it.

This was a town sweep, as it’s called, with nearly everyone coming out to lend his or her support to the hospital. Unfortunately, Bill Cunningham from The New York Times was not able to attend this year, as he was in Newport for the big summer party.

Afterward, I met up with the younger set at Social Club, where we had a fun evening dancing and enjoying cocktails on the back lawn. Of course, it meant I was out far too late—but it is the summer, and I wanted my friend to get the true flavor of a busy weekend in Southampton.

The weather on Sunday was picture-perfect, and my friend and I enjoyed a relaxing morning at home, especially after such a busy evening the night before. After lunch, it was off to the Southampton Cultural Center for the third annual Summer Rose Concert, which this year benefited the Southampton Animal Shelter. What an absolute treat! We listened to the incredible operatic voice of Sarah Moulton Faux, whose voice is like magic to the ears, as well as Junko Ohtsu on a violin, which actually sings to the audience, and, of course, Wei-En Hsu on the piano, who accompanied both Sarah and Junko beautifully.

Seen enjoy the music: Ann Calder, Hildegard Jones, Jere Paterson, Regina and Rainer Greeven, Susie Wagner, Cornelia Bregman, Suzette Smith, Raya Knight, David Gillespie, Dana Scrymgeour and Bobby Whitney, Jennifer Lobo, Bill McKnight, Annette Geddes, Christine and Jim Gray, Ann and Vincent Madonia, Valery Rooks, Deborah and Charlie Moulton, Ann Miller, Kristi Witker, and, of course, the vocalist’s proud husband, Gordon Faux.

How wonderful to have an afternoon of culture without having to leave our beloved East End! I literally had goosebumps listening to the performances. Thank you to all three performers for sharing their talent and time to make this possible.

Monday evening, the usual suspects got together for barbecue night at the Bath and Tennis Club. This is always a treat sitting on the ocean enjoying a wonderful meal and great conversation with friends. I am very grateful for the invitation.

By the way, thank you for some very good social advice from an unexpected source this past week regarding a certain issue. Thanks, FB—you were so right.

This weekend, the Southampton Center will host a cocktail party to celebrate the unveiling of a new art exhibit. Examining the relationship between the natural and built environments will feature works by Eric Corriel, Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen, Aurora Robson, and Krista Dragomer. Afterward, there will be an outdoor screening of photography from across the globe, which is being presented by United Photo Industries.

On Sunday morning, the place to be is Pond Lane for the annual Strides for Life 5K run walk. The event is to benefit lung cancer research and is always a lot of fun, as various groups participate in teams. I am always grateful for the walk part of the event. Go, Team Pat!

I hope to see you there!

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